Bed Boss Mattress Foam Mattress 15-Inch Revolution Medium Firm Comfort Level

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                                 Bed Boss Revolution

When it comes to soft beds, not all mattresses are created equal. Innovative, indulgent, and uncompromising, the Revolution by The Bed Boss has a decidedly American style that’s ultra plush, without sacrificing support. This five layer design features seven inches of our best memory foams. The Revolution is a bed that proudly salutes life, liberty, and the pursuit of a nap. Every mattress from The Bed Boss comes with a 10 year prorated limited warranty against manufactured defects. It's rare, but it can happen. Sorry, No comfort guarantees (expressed or implied). We hope you'll think our beds are as awesome as we do. But there is no one size fits all sleep solution.

  •  1-inch heat dissipating, gel-infused higher density memory foam quilted into cover

  •  1.5-inch gelCore gel-infused memory foam

  •  2.5-inch traditional memory foam

  •  2-inch UltraCore memory foam

  •  8-inch higher resiliency base foam